Offer to Purchase a House Rejected? What should you do now?

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If your offer to buy a house is rejected, it can be disappointing, but it’s important to remember that it’s not the end of the road. Here are a few things you can do:

1. Ask for feedback: If your offer was rejected, you can ask the seller or their agent for reasons on why they decided not to accept it. This can help you understand if there were any issues with your offer that you can address in a new offer.
2. Consider making a higher offer: If you’re really interested in the property, you could consider making a higher offer if they didn’t accept a different one already. However, be sure to carefully consider your budget and what you can afford before doing so.
3. Look for other properties: If the seller is not willing to accept your offer, it may be time to move on and look for other properties that meet your needs and budget.
4. Continue to monitor the property: Sometimes, a seller may change their mind or reconsider an offer after some time has passed. If you’re still interested in the property, you can continue to monitor it and consider making another offer in the future.
5. You could write what’s known as a “backup offer” to guarantee you are first up if there is a problem with the first offer and it doesn’t complete.

Remember, the real estate market is constantly changing and there may be other opportunities that come up in the future that are a better fit for you.

By: Kevin Appl