Why an Electric Vehicle is perfect for me as a Realtor

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The Dream of a Truck Without the Fuel Bill

I’ve always had a soft spot for trucks. There’s something about the power, the space, and the sheer presence of a truck that has always appealed to me. But let’s be honest, the fuel bills? Not so much. So, when the opportunity to try out the electric Ford F150 Lightning came along, I couldn’t resist. Most of my driving is in the city, making an electric vehicle a no-brainer. Plus, the space compared to my last vehicle? It’s like upgrading from a studio apartment to a mansion on wheels!

Driving Habits and Charging Convenience

Before making the switch, I analyzed my driving habits. My routine involves multiple short trips around the city, with small breaks in between. This means I have ample time to pop the truck on the charger, ensuring range is never an issue. I’ve even taken the Lightning on a few hundred kilometers trips out of town with zero problems. And for those rare occasions when I need to go further, I can always borrow my wife’s gas-powered vehicle. Yep, I’m that lucky!

Home Charging: A Game-Changer

One of the biggest advantages of owning an EV is the convenience of home charging. I installed an EV charger in my garage, and now, every night, I plug it in just like I do with my cell phone. By morning, I wake up to a fully charged truck with 500km of range for about $18. Seriously, what gas-powered vehicle can offer that? The whole charging process is controlled via a user-friendly app on my phone, making it easier to use than your favorite social media platform. And thanks to Ford’s partnership with Tesla, the options for public charging have improved significantly.

A Mobile Office on Wheels

As a realtor, I’m always on the go, often writing offers from inside my vehicle. The Ford F150 Lightning has a flat folding table with an AC outlet, making it the perfect mobile office. No more awkwardly balancing my laptop on my knees! I can now work comfortably and efficiently, no matter where I am.

Enjoying the Silence and Enhanced Stereo Sound

Another unexpected perk of driving an electric vehicle is the absolute silence. There’s no engine noise, which means I can have normal volume conversations with passengers in the back seat. And the stereo? It sounds even better without the background hum of an engine. It’s like having a concert hall on wheels.

Emergency Power Supply

One of the coolest features of the Ford F150 Lightning is its ability to power my house during an outage. Take that, power company! Knowing I have this backup option gives me peace of mind, especially during storm season.

Handling Cold Weather

Now, let’s talk about the elephant in the room: cold weather. Yes, the range drops by about 30-40% at -40°C. But honestly, how much range do you need when it’s that cold? 275km is plenty for local trips, like ripping to a couple of showings, picking up our kiddo from school, and going to his soccer games. And that’s with the cabin set to sauna levels because, let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be toasty warm?

A New Perspective on Homes

Since switching to an EV, I’ve learned a lot about electrical panels and what’s required to charge the vehicle. This newfound knowledge has changed how I view homes when touring properties with clients. I can’t help but think about the potential for installing an EV charger and how it might impact future homeowners.

Connect with Me About EVs

I’m genuinely excited about the potential of electric vehicles and how they can fit into our lives. If you have any questions about EVs or how they might affect your home, I’d love to chat. Hit me up anytime, and let’s talk about the future of driving!

In conclusion, choosing the electric Ford F150 Lightning has been a fantastic decision for me. It combines the power and presence of a truck with the convenience and efficiency of an electric vehicle. From home charging to the mobile office setup, it fits perfectly into my lifestyle. And the best part? I get to enjoy the ride in silence while jamming out to an enhanced stereo sound. So, if you’re considering making the switch to an EV, I’d highly recommend giving it a try. You might just find it’s the upgrade you’ve been looking for.


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