Something Isn’t right about the house you just offered on. What should you do?

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Something Isn’t Right on The House You Just Offered On and How to Handle the Red Flags to Protect Your Deposit

Imagine this: you’ve just written an offer on your dream property in Saskatoon, the vibrant and growing city with a strong real estate market. You’re brimming with excitement, already picturing your life in your new home. But as you move forward in the buying process, you start to notice that something isn’t quite right. What should you do in such a situation?

In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of handling red flags in a real estate transaction in Saskatoon and the importance of working with a knowledgeable Realtor in Saskatoon. We will also discuss the potential risks of simply “changing your mind” about the purchase and how to navigate through the conditions of your offer to protect your deposit.

Identifying the Red Flags

  1. Trust your intuition: Our instincts often guide us in the right direction. If something doesn’t feel right about the property, it’s essential to listen to your gut and take a closer look at the situation.
  2. Take a closer inspection: An experienced realtor in Saskatoon will always recommend a thorough home inspection. This can help identify potential issues like structural problems, pest infestations, or even illegal renovations that could significantly impact your investment.
  3. Look for inconsistencies: Pay attention to any discrepancies between the property’s listing description and your observations. This could include anything from misrepresented square footage to undisclosed issues with the property.
  4. Do you notice signs of a quick repair or is there an obvious repair that looks amateur? A loose vent or sloppy paint in an area in the basement might be trying to conceal water.
  5. Has the City dug up the front yards of the neighbouring houses?  This could be a sign of waterline issues or flooding history as they may have installed new lines with backflow valves.

Navigating Through the Conditions

When you submit an offer on a property in Saskatoon, it’s standard practice to include conditions that must be met before the deal is finalized. These conditions protect both the buyer and the seller, and they provide a way to address any red flags that may arise during the process.

  1. Financing: One of the most common conditions is obtaining mortgage approval. If something isn’t right with the property, your lender may be hesitant to approve financing, which could void the offer.
  2. Inspection: Another standard condition is a satisfactory home inspection. If the inspector uncovers significant issues, you may choose to renegotiate the offer or walk away from the deal altogether.
  3. Property disclosure: Sellers are typically required to provide a property disclosure statement outlining any known issues with the property. If you discover something that contradicts this statement, it could be grounds for renegotiating or voiding the offer.
  4. Permit History:  We can order a report from the City of Saskatoon that discloses the permit status for the property.  I’ve seen some cases where a garage is missing a permit or more commonly, decks and basements are developed with no permits.  There are pros and cons to everything and each situation requires careful consideration and strategies to deal with.

Protecting Your Deposit: Conditional Offers and Refunds

As long as you haven’t removed conditions, your deposit will be returned if you decide not to proceed with the purchase.  This is a crucial aspect of the home buying process, as it protects your financial interests while allowing you to address any potential issues or red flags with the property. Make sure to work closely with your Realtor to discuss the best options and keep track of any conditions in the offer to ensure a smooth exit from the transaction and a successful return of your deposit if needed.

The Risk of “Changing Your Mind”

It’s essential to understand that you can’t just “change your mind” about buying a property in Saskatoon without consequences. If you back out of the deal without valid reasons, you risk losing your deposit, which can be a substantial sum. This is why it’s crucial to complete your conditions and use something you’ve discovered as a way out of the deal if necessary.

The Importance of a Knowledgeable Realtor in Saskatoon

In the face of red flags and potential issues, having a trustworthy and experienced Realtor in Saskatoon by your side can make all the difference. A knowledgeable realtor will:

  1. Help you identify potential issues and guide you through the inspection process.
  2. Assist with negotiations, using their expertise to ensure the best possible outcome for you.
  3. Provide valuable advice on how to navigate through the conditions of your offer and protect your interests.
  4. Work in your best interests and strategize how to collapse the deal in a way that protects you.

Purchasing a property is a significant investment, and it’s crucial to address any red flags that may arise during the process. It’s important to maintain open communication with your real estate professional so you can navigate through the conditions of your offer and make informed decisions that protect your investment and deposit. Remember, as long as you haven’t removed conditions, your deposit will be returned if you decide not to proceed with the purchase. It’s not just about finding a property that meets your needs – it’s about making sure your dream home is everything you expect it to be.


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