What’s The Deal With Aluminum Wiring?

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Ok, so what’s the deal with Aluminum Wiring?

First of all It’s SAFE, but requires a little more care and attention than a more current copper wire system does. It will eventually need to be addressed and or replaced in the house though. I strongly recommend you have an electrician periodically inspect your wiring for any signs listed below. It is getting more difficult to acquire house insurance and here is why.

Copper has long been understood to be the safer & most efficient conductor vs Aluminum wiring based on gauge. There was about a 10 year period from the mid 1960’s thru mid 70’s where copper was just too cost prohibitive, so most houses switched to more readily available aluminum.  It’s still quite common to find panels with aluminum wiring in various houses for sale in Saskatoon – even today.

So what does this mean for the average house?

  • Aluminum wiring tends to generate heat and that leads to potential issues. Ever noticed a power receptacle feels hot when you use it? The wire may be overloaded.
  • Copper wire is more stable vs Aluminum wiring. Basically this means if you put it under heavy load, the wire can actually expand and contract frequently over time, essentially wiggling/creeping itself out of the connector or breaker. This leads to arcing and potentially a fire.
  • Aluminum wire can rust. Corrosion leads to loss of efficiency and potential damage at the connection points, which in turn leads to heat buildup.
  • A big concern is the ever reducing number of insurance providers that are willing to cover a home that has aluminum wiring installed in the property.

Ok, so what do we do here? First step is to contact a trained, professional electrician for the most accurate and trustworthy opinion. There are several great solutions, but ultimately plan on replacing the panel in the future.

I could talk about this for hours, honesty.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to DM, text or call me and I’ll happily help in anyway I can.

Kevin Appl, eXp Realty.

By: Kevin Appl